How does Barbara's Consignment Concierge work?

Barbara's Consignment Concierge is a simple solution for turning your unloved and gently-worn clothing, accessories and home goods into money, honey!  We offer free pick-up of your consignment goods, and in-store drop-off is available every day during business hours.  We believe turning your goods into gold is of the utmost importance, and are dedicated to meeting your needs.

So what happens?

Once we've received your consignment, we will inspect your items, and keep what we know will do best.  The term of consignment is 90 days from when BCC receives the merchandise, and BCC and the Consignor (that's you!) will split the profit from any of your goods sold.  Items not sold will be donated to charity at the discretion of BCC.

To find out more about the consignment process, or download a copy of our consignment agreement, click here.